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Sherlock Holmes Outpost Collectibles

The Official Sherlock Holmes Outpost Refrigerator Magnet*

No home or office is complete without this magnetic logo that "magically" attaches to most refrigerators and many other ferrous surfaces.

Amaze and impress your friends.

No batteries required.


* Refrigerator not included.

The Official Sherlock Holmes Outpost Mug

This amazing vessel will hold a wide variety of liquid refreshments in a vertical cylindrical shape.

It has a solid bottom to keep the contents from leaking out. At the top, the mug has a most propititious opening that allows liquids to escape in a pleasantly controllable manner.

A full-sized handle is attached, making the mug suitable for emphatic movement and enthusiastic toasts.


The Official Deluxe Sherlock Holmes Outpost Mug

The Deluxe version of the Sherlock Holmes Outpost Mug comes complete with your choice of beer.

Simply present your Deluxe mug on your next visit to Dr. Watson's Club and it will be filled to your specifications.

The mug is reusable and can be filled and drained repeatedly without any loss of performance.


The Official Sherlock Holmes Outpost Baseball Cap

We know Sherlock Holmes wore that odd looking wool houndstooth deerstalker cap with earflaps, but let's face it, no one in Texas is going to wear one of those things when they can buy a cool baseball cap.

This cap is equally at home on the baseball diamond or a John Deere tractor. In Texas, you'll find it suitable for hunting, fishing, and dinner in most restaurants.

It is fully adjustable in the event your head size changes for any reason whatsoever.


The Official Sherlock Holmes Outpost Apron

If you like food, you will particularly like the food at Mrs. Hudson's Dining Room. Once you get home you'll probably have your favorite memories to share with your friends.

Well, if you can't cook like our extraordinary chefs (or even if you can), you can look like one of our kitchen professionals and impress your friends as you punch numbers into the microwave.

The Dupont Teflon protected fabric makes it incredibly stain resistant so you always look good wearing it.

From pizza to chateaubriand, this apron will improve most dishes and will make you look thinner to boot. It will also protect the front of your clothes from errant food stains. (If you have a problem with food stains on the back of your clothing, consider a second apron.)



Sherlock Holmes Outpost Polo Shirt

This shirt is mandatory equipment for all members of the Sherlock Holmes Outpost Polo Team (polo ponies excepted). If you're thinking about joining the team, this is the place to start.

By popular demand this gorgeous shirt is also being made available to the non-polo-playing public. It can also be worn for golf, yachting, and square dancing.

It features the official Sherlock Holmes Outpost logo and is a sought-after piece of Fort Davis memorabilia.


Front of T-Shirt

Back of T-Shirt

The Official Sherlock Holmes Outpost T-Shirt

This cosmopolitan white T-Shirt has our logo on the front and sports an actual Sherlock Holmes quote on the back. This particular quote will authorize the wearer to feel and act superior to all others, particularly those who don't own this T-Shirt.


Front of T-Shirt

Back of T-Shirt

The Other Official Sherlock Holmes Outpost T-Shirt

This entirely different T-Shirt is NOT white. It is cream colored and has an entirely different Sherlock Holmes quote on the back. So now you'll need both of them.


All prices are F.O.B. Fort Davis, Texas.

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