Downtown Fort Davis

This is one great little town. You'll know right away that you're in a bona fide part of the Old West. Fort Davis is not art directed or a franchise western facade. This is the real thing. Even Norman Rockwell couldn't improve on our version of West Texas small town life.

When you see someone, they'll probably wave or say "hello," and you should, too. You may not know them, but you probably will soon. They already know you -- you're the new person in town.

You don't have to drive out in the country to enjoy our mountains -- they're conveniently located downtown. That's also true of the wildlife that cruises the streets at will. You'll probably see more deer and antelope than you've ever seen in your life.

Some of our streets are paved. Some are not (including the historic Overland Trail that runs through downtown).

We have a smattering of pleasant restaurants, hotels, motels, and campgrounds to make life a little easier for the visitor. We have some unusual stores that provide light shopping for gifts and souvenirs.

There's high speed internet avaiilable and state of the art astromony up the hill at the McDonald Observatory, but mostly you'll find yourself moseying. You might mosey down to one of the dude ranches and go horseback riding through the mountains. Or you might mosey over to one of the parks and go hiking through the mountains. Whatever you choose, you'll probably be doing it in the mountains. After all, we're the highest town in Texas.

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