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How to Find Us.

This is where we would have a Mapquest map showing you how to find us, but...

First of all, we are on one of the main streets of Fort Davis, Texas, but until recently no one had bothered naming the streets. It seemed unnecessary to give the street a name when you could point to it just fine.

Occasionally someone would say we needed a street name. After all, you can't get a big operation like Mapquest to just point and say, "That's it over there."

So, our street got named Front Street. We're not quite sure why, because it's not the front street in town and, in fact, is behind what might be considered the "front street." Perhaps calling it "Right Behind the Front Street" would have been too pretentious (or maybe there was already a street with that name).

Anyway, that's where we are, either at 201 N. Front Street or 210 N. Front Street (no one is quite sure).

Just turn at the Courthouse (that's Court Street) and then turn right on Front Street. We're down on the left.

If you have any trouble finding us, you can ask just about anyone in town where we are, or you can drive around until you find us. That's just about as quick because there just aren't that many streets in Fort Davis.

If you still want to see the map, you can click on the link below, but even Mapquest couldn't quite get it either. They can, however, show you how to get to Fort Davis. Then you can just ask anybody. Of course they're just gonna point and say, "That's it over there."

Mapquest Map

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