Conveniently Located on the Historic Overland Trail.

Our History
The History of the World as it Pertains to Sherlock Holmes Outpost

First there was the beginning of time, followed by some dinosaurs and stuff. Then there were a lot of Indians, followed by Christopher Columbus landing, which eventually resulted in the Overland Trail, a lot of Cavalry Soldiers, and a fort called Fort Davis that became a town.

But most important was the visit of Sherlock Holmes to the town of Fort Davis, Texas.

My Great Grandfather befriended Dr. John Watson toward the end of the good Doctor's life. This is the story that has been passed down to me.

It's a little known fact that Sherlock Holmes traveled to America during the period the world thought him dead after a mighty struggle with Professor Moriarty at Reighenback Falls.

Realizing that Moriarty's henchmen would stop at nothing to kill him, Sherlock Holmes allowed the world to think he fell to his death over the falls with Moriarty.

In disguise, Homes traveled to Southhampton, England and boarded a ship bound for New York.

He traveled aimlessly, out of his element, until he reached San Antonio, Texas.

Holmes learned that the Overland Trail traversed through Indian territory to El Paso, and the only civilization along the way was the small town of Fort Davis, the highest encampment in Texas. Intrigued, Holmes was determined to make the journey.

Weeks later, he arrived in Fort Davis and became friends with Robert Sproul, Founder of the Sproul Ranch, and Mr. Carmack, owner of Carmack's General Store. Over several months he relaxed in Fort Davis, whiling away the hours on Carmack's front porch and at the Sproul Ranch. Slowly, Holmes regained his health and resolve.

The Sherlock Holmes Oupost, located in Carmack's Old General Store (circa 1908), now pays homage to the great man, with our memorabilia of Holmes' magnificent career.

Sherlock Holmes Outpost is located in Carmack's Old General Store which we have extensively renovated for your comfort.



Both the dining room and club are filled with Sherlock Holmes memorabilia, some of it quite rare such as the autographs of Basil Rathbone, Nigel Bruce, Jeremy Brett, Edward Hardwicke and William Gillette who played Holmes on stage around the world from the late 1800’s into the 1930’s. Many rare photographs and movie posters recounting the exploits of the famous detective also adorn the walls.

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